This page is dedicated to why you should choose WCS as your Athletes Track Team

Dynamic Warm Up

The purpose of the Dynamic Warm Up is to create momevemt in space.


It increases tissue temperature, improve flexibility, activate the centeral nervous system, improves 

coordination, helps develop body awareness, increases heart rate, prepares the body for workouts

and competition.  It gives the coach feed back on the assessment of the athletes before we start competition.


Dynamic Warm Up Activities:                                Why do WCS Althetes foam roll prior to practice and competing?

  • High Knee Pull                                                                                                                                                                              

  •  Jump Rope                                                            * Self massage by utilitizing your own body weight

  • Walking Lunges                                                    * Release muscle tightness                                        

  • Quad Stretches                                                    * Muscle are elastic

  • Power Jumps                                                        * Increase flexibility

  • Jump to Run                                                         * Improves better movement patterns

  • Straight Leg Bound                                             * Breaks up adhesive and scar tissue

  • Mary Jane w/out the skip                                   * Better blood circulation

  • Mary Jane Rope                                                   * Increase speed performance

  • High Hip Run                                                       * Smooth and lengthen muscles

  • Side Jumping Jacks                                             * By applying pressure to a specific area you are able to

  • Sit Downs                                                                aid in the recovery of that muscle to assist to normal function.

  • Stabilizers

  • Backward Runs

  • Power Swings

  • Falling Starts

  • Crouch Starts

Why Should You Become a WCS Athlete?