Coach Shannon's

Profile of an Elite Athlete

1.  Know the price of success and be prepared to pay a little more each year.

2.  Greatness requires you to ask more of yourself than your coaches ask of             you.


3.  Separate yourself from your peers that don't share your vision.

4.  Be prepared to step outside the norm or the usual and be someone special.

5.  It's your responsibility to come to practice and a track meet prepared for        a great performance by presenting a body and mind that is well rested,       well feed, well hydrated and thirsting to make someone's life miserable.

6.  Demand the best from yourself at practice, at the meets, in the              classroom, and at home.

7.  The slackers will want you to slack off so they don't look bad.

8.  Be able to turn your back on those who do not share your vision,        or do not want to pay the same price you are willing to invest.

9.  They only give out three medals. Yours and everyone else. That's         the killer attitude. 

10.  If it isn't broke. Break it.