West Coast Speed Mission  Statement

Our mission is to introduce youth athletes ages 5-18 to track and field participation and sport development opportunities.  We aspire to be an outstanding educational athletic organization that provides a high quality experience in which every athlete upholds high academic standards. 


*Has fun participating in Track and Field. 


*Feels like an important part of team regardless of performance level. 


*Learns “life lessons” that have value beyond sport. 


*Learns the skills, tactics and strategies of the sport and improves as a track and field athlete. 


*Promotes lifelong exercise and healthy eating habits. 


*Show respect for the coaches, parents and fellow athletes. 


*Give back to our track and field community in meaningful ways adding lasting value to our community at large.


Since West Coast Speed Youth Track Club inception, our vision is to train and develop youth athletes, with a specialty in track and field.  Our athletes rank among the fastest and most skilled members of USATF and AAU on the West Coast.

West Coast Speed Track Club was chartered in 2011, as part of Coach Shannon's vision along with the help of concern coaches, parents and volunteers, to create a club where youth athletes, flourish and grow in the sport of track and field.  Since that time West Coast  Speed coaches have coached over 500 athletes and have competed in several competitions  spanning across all major counties in the Pacific Southwest region of California, cities in Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Virginia.  We hold our strength in the perseverance of our athletes, the commitment of the families involved and the experience of our coaches and support staff.

As a team we embody all that it means to live, work, and play  on the West Coast.  


If you are searching for a team where your son or daughter will thrive  through support and a nurturing family-base, West Coast Speed Youth Track team is the team for your son or daughter.